I have a new car mit bigger engine, 35% fuelsaving. Thanks BE-Fuelsaver

Dear Gregor

Initially, I had doubts about the ability of the BE fuel saver (FS), but was persuaded by Georg Ritsch of Orgonise Africa in South Africa.  So, I took the plunge and bought a medium size M size tube for my 2004 Nissan Blue Bird.  The manual said that it would take a few fuel changes before the effects would manifest.  

But my experiences were different.  I bought a thick gauge stainless steel wire and used the 2 nylon straps attached to attach the FS so that I could retrieve them when required.  As required, I pushed them all the way down the fuel tank.  Initially, there was some resistance at about the half way mark, but I pushed more, and it went through that barrier until it hit bottom, and I couldn’t push any more.  I couldn’t even more the FS around when it hit bottom.  

 I then cut away the extra wire away and left a small bit around the fuel tank inlet so that I could close the cap.  I did this the night at about 5.30 pm so couldn’t see very clearly.  

The next morning, being a weekend, I took the car to pump petrol, as it was only quarter tank.  I then drove to the airport after it was pumped full.  The result was astounding. 

There was far less noise, and far less groaning.  I could hardly feel the speed, and had to glance at the speedometer periodically, as I couldn’t feel the usual vibration when travelling on the highway.  I was going at 60 km when I thought I was going at 50 km because of the lack of noise and vibration.  When going uphill at the usual slope, the rpm dropped while the speed increased!  This has never happened before.  I wouldn’t know that until I glanced at the speedometer to check the speed. 

In all, I am very happy that it worked so fast, basically overnight, and the best part is that it felt like a brand new car.  I didn’t even change the engine oil and yet it performed marvelously.  If I had known of its quality, I would have bought a much bigger FS, possibly L size or even XL size.  It is not only about saving fuel, it is more about engine performance.  The spike in performance is worth far more than its cost.  It is like having a much bigger engine without paying for the price.  

I just realized that i couldn't smell the unburnt petrol in the morning at all.  Usually i could smell the petrol even when locked in the car, before moving off, evenbwhen windows are wound up, and the cabin car is recycled.  I could smell the petrol when i started the car and waiting for the engine to warm up, but these 2 days there is no smell at all.

Also, the engine doesn't protest when i move off when it is still cold.  Usually, it is slow and couldn't go quickly but now it is eager to run even go uphill at high speed.  Amazing.

Not only was there an improvement in engine performance, but there was actual fuel saving.  I just clocked up 100 km on the odometer, and the fuel gauge showed that i used only one quarter tank.  Usually, the usage is half tank.  I travel on the same roads daily, so there was no deviation.  I estimate the fuel saving is 20~50 percent, probably 35 percent.  

David Aung

Manager, Memory Hotel, Yangon